Lindy Hop - Charleston - Swing Dancing - Tap Dance

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I can't tell you what a delight it was to have you here for our event. Maybe, like yes, my best Lindy memories ever.

Thanks for saving my organizer's butt!

Lindy Ladder

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A way for you to learn how to Swing Dance! Lindy Hop, as the oldest form of Swing, is the best way to begin. Shauna has taken her 20+ years of Lindy Hop knowledge and documented it online for FREE! Swing Dance Aerials, too!

Check out and start climbing!

Denver Swing Project

Shauna is proud coach of Denver Swing Project, which includes competitive and performance-based swing dance troupes of all ages. Have an event? Bring DSP to you, and we'll make sure your guests have a dancing good time. We offer instruction, performances, and more.