Event Staff

It is always a pleasure to have you involved with our event! Thanks again for an amazing weekend. Always love having you there. You care for your students and inspire them. See you next year! Michael and Eve Brafford (Heartland Swing Festival)

Wow! You two are simply the best. Many thanks for giving of yourselves tirelessly to make Southern Fried Swing a success. You are two of the best Lindy people I've been blessed to meet. Marcus Coker (Southern Fried Swing)

Mark and Shauna have been some of my favorite teachers to work with. They are great technical teachers without making the lesson seem too 'heavy' or slow. They have a marvelous energy about them when they teach that makes you want to dance and try harder to be better. They are flexible with their schedule and easy going if things don't go exactly as planned. They were wonderful!! Make sure you have head microphones for them because their classes will be packed! Julie Shurtliff (Utah)


I have had the pleasure to work with Mark and Shauna for over a year, and I can't say enough good things about them! They are extremely professional, and they teach an amazing class. One of the great things about Mark and Shauna is that they truly take pride in their work, and during their classes, it's clear that they care about the long-term success of their students. I would recommend Mark and Shauna to anyone!! (five stars) Stephen Newcomb/Boulder Swing Dance (Denver, CO)

Shauna and Mark are enthusiastic Swing dance leaders in our Denver scene. Their organization, Denver Swing Project, has helped build-up and improve the quality of dancers in our community. Their dancers have a strong sense of musicality and connection. We are so proud to have another set of national competitors and instructors in our wonderful city. Joe and Nelle DeMers (Denver, CO)


Incredibly professional with your teaching technique, methods for teaching, explanations, and content.

You are so hilarious in class! I love it.

I LOVE your teaching style

You work with my strengths and uniqueness instead of just making me dance like you

Casual and approachable style

I can tell you don't do it for the money - you guys care